' Methven Family Vineyards - Music Schedule

Music Schedule

Every Friday and Saturday we have live music in our Dundee Tasting Room:

Feb 2020 5pm-8pm

1st - Greg Nestler 

7th - Warren Dexter 

8th - Billie Edison 

14th - Ronni Kay 

15th - Stacie Sanders

21st - John Bunzow 

22 - Joanna Lee 

28th - Barrie Dempsey 

29th Rebecca Hardiman 


March 2020 5pm-8pm

6th - Danta Zapata 

7th - Gil Reynolds 

13th Lane Norberg 

20th - Sabin Brother's 

21st - Bobby Turner 

27th Lonna Bowe

28th - Ronni Kay 


April 2020 5pm-8pm

3rd Ronni Kay

4th Joanna Lee

10th John Bunzow

11th Whip Wilson

17th Petra & Mike

18th Bille Eidson

24th Steve Hale

25th The Tecca's


May 2020 5pm-8pm

1st Bobby Turner

2nd Rob Rainwater

8th Sattelite Blooms

9th The Tecca's

15th Ariel Cook

16th Bobby Turner

22nd Lonna Bowe

23rd Danta Zapata

29th Sabin Brothers

30th Billie Eidson


June 2020 5pm-8pm

5th Shelly Rudolph

6th Whip Wilson

12th Crystal Lariza

13th Scott Brookett

19th Bylines

20th Ronni Kay

26th Michele Van Kleef

27th The Tecca's


July 2020 5pm-8pm

3rd Beth Willis

4th Billie Eidson

10th Branble Rose

11th Lonna Bowe

17th Rob Rainwater

18th Shelly Rudolph

24th Gil Reynolds

25th Sattelite Blooms